Blended Call Center

blended call center


The challenge facing modern call centers is finding the balance between business needs and customer demands for service. On the business side, the goal is to generate as many outbound sales calls as possible, while on the other hand customers that are calling for service should be handled as efficiently as possible to comply with the company target service level.

AireContact blended call center allows you to meet the needs of both sides. It provides a set of auto dialers (Progressive, IVR, and Predictive) that work behind the scenes to generate mass outbound calls and assign each reached customer to the most skilled available agent. It also provides robust capabilities for handling inbound calls by the service team.

Each call is handled according to priority and routed using an ACD (Automated Call Distribution) to available and skilled agents. Inbound and outbound calls are handled in a blended manner using the same queue (ACD). Agents will receive the next call from the queue according to preset priorities defined during implementation time. Usually an inbound call will be prioritized over an outbound call, but it can be configured according to individual company policy. This method of operation increases agents’ productivity level and reduces their idle time. It also means that an agent will have to switch context depending on the type of call. For this reason, call offer fields are colored for each new call to reflect its nature, type, and direction. Furthermore, information about the caller or prospect is clearly presented to the agent prior to accepting the call and during the call itself.

Supervisors can use simplyWISE to monitor each blended queue. They are provided with tools to drill down into each blended queue and see the current waiting calls, both inbound and outbound. Thresholds and alerts help to monitor the blended queue performance and supervisors can adjust agent assignments to queues online.