Dynamic Scripting

Dynamic Scripting With AireContactAirecontact dynamic scripting tool

Built with advanced, but easy-to-use features and functionality, the AireContact™ Dynamic Scripting Engine allows you to create and modify scripts in real-time, providing managers with unparalleled access and control over call scripts. Designed for managers and agents, the AireContact Dynamic Scripting Engine smoothly guides agent-caller interactions with a straight-forward graphical interface. Best of all, you do not need to rely on your IT team for HTML programming. With AireContact, anyone can create complex scripts using our simple, graphical interface.

The power of branch logic

What makes AireContact’s Dynamic Scripting Engine unique is its use of branch logic for real-time, contact center scripting. With branch logic, managers can create a custom set of script conditions for agents to utilize—no matter the scenario. Agents can access comprehensive scripts that are custom-fitted to address unique and unpredictable customer responses, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.

What can I do with the AireContact Branch Logic Scripting Engine?

• Overcome Sales Objections. Create your own custom company-tested responses for every customer objection.

• Increase productivity without reducing quality. With branch logic, your agents will know what to say, and when to say it, without costly training sessions.

• Drag and drop. No programming needed – Just drag and drop any changes to the script.

• Streamline workflow. Seamlessly integrate updates to scripts in response to any situation—even mid call!

• Abide by regulations. Update agents about changes in company policy, industry regulations, or new initiatives at the click of a button.

• Maintain continuity. Our scripting engine supports paused or interrupted calls, enabling service to resume seamlessly after interruptions.

• Test and approve scripts. An online review and approval process to ensures that published scripts are nothing less than perfect.