Call Center Application Portal

Your Call Center Application Portal

AireContact is a cloud based solution, so no hardware or software installation is needed. Customers can access AireContact through a sleek user portal called simplyAPPS.

simplyAPPS is an innovative Call Center Software Portal that serves as an entry point to AireContact’s easy to use tools and applications. Through this portal, the entire call center workforce can easily access the various applications from any location at any time and use them to handle customer interactions, control the call center operations, generate reports, and monitor the overall performance of the call center.

simplyAPPS is built on a two-tier concept. The first is the management tier that consists of Contact Center Setup, Supervisor Center, and Contact Center Manager. These are tools designed for end-to-end call center configuration, management, and supervision.

The second is the workforce tier that consists of the core components Agent Console(Unified Agent Communication), Real Time Wallboard, and Reporting & Analytics (Call Center Historical Reports).

Agents, supervisors, and managers log into simplyAPPS and are granted access to the various applications according to their designated privileges.