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Is a Predictive Dialer Right For You?

Predictive dialers have been deemed the holy grail of dialers, and in a lot of cases they are. They promise to increase your contact rates, which equates to a more active, revenue-producing, outbound sales department. They will serve up calls with lightning speed, giving your sales team plenty of potential customers to talk to. But even with all of their benefits, predictive dialers aren’t always right for you and can cost you a lot of money if used incorrectly.

The thing about predictive dialers is that they are effective, so long as you are equipped to use them. At a minimum you want to have 5 agents available for them to work correctly. In an ideal situation you’re going to have at least 10 people for a predictive dialer to be truly effective. It’s also important to note that, depending on what type of people you’re trying to reach, predictive dialers can be disastrous.

Here is why.

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Why bad customer service will cost you

Every single year US companies lose roughly $41 billion dollars in business. They aren’t losing them because of faulty technology, bad PR (sort of), or because their competition is better than them.

They aren’t losing their business to companies because their competitors have better marketing campaigns, are more tech savvy, or have viral videos.

They are losing $41 Billion dollars a year because their customer service sucks.

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The Benefits of Phone Based Sales in Your Lead Generation Mix

When you prospect for new customers, how do you go about it? Do you buy advertising? Do you use an emailing list? Do you blast on Twitter?

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How Back Office Automation Can Save You Time and Money

Your customers can’t see your back office. But they feel it.

They feel it because the back office is where everything actually happens. It is in the back office that refunds are issued, shipments are expedited, and payment extensions are approved. Most customer issues are actually solved in the back office, not on the phone.

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How to Improve Customer Service Using Data

There are many ways to improve customer service in call centers. Most experts agree that hiring more experienced employees and motivating your agents with incentives are some of the most effective tools in improving customer service standards. Customer service giants, like Amazon, spend a large portion of their budget on hiring and training customer service ninjas who infect their call centers with a culture of high quality customer care.

But hiring and training costs lots of money. And not all businesses have the budget to hire professional trainers and consultants to invigorate their call centers.

Most businesses do, however, have access to data. Businesses routinely collect customer information to learn more about their target base. While this information is most commonly used in marketing efforts, a recent study shows that it can be used in customer service as well.

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An Easy Way to Manage Peak Time in an Inbound Call Center

You don’t have to read through this whole article to find out how to manage peak time in an inbound call center. I’ll tell you right now.

The best way to manage peak times in an inbound call center is to install an automatic call back function. Here is why:

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How to Choose an Automated Dialer Telephone System (FREE Infographic)

What is the best automated dialer to use? Well, it depends on what kind of contact center you run. Do you run a telemarketing firm? Do you make outbound real-estate sales? Are you in collections? In this post, I will discuss the pros and cons of each dialer and help you determine which one is right for your business.

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How Saas Works

SaaS (pronounced ‘sass’), stands for Software as a Service. Just FYI, anytime you see the lettering “aaS”, you can almost be certain that it means “as-a-service”. Today, we have UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and so on. It might be helpful to think of ‘service’ as a ‘subscription’, since you are essentially subscribing to a software that you pay for on a monthly or annual basis.

Before this “aaS” business, it was just the “S” as in “software”.

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The importance of multiculturalism in your contact center and beyond

If you don’t have anyone in your contact center that speaks Spanish, then you’re missing out on potential revenue. An estimated 16.3 percent of households in the U.S. are Spanish speaking, and a majority of those households don’t speak any other language. In fact, the U.S. now has more Spanish speakers than Spain does. 

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An Easy Way To Save Thousands For Your Contact Center

Let’s think about the ways contact centers can lose potential revenue.

  • Your agents are not placing enough calls
  • Your agents aren’t taking enough calls
  • Your agents are wasting time on the phone.
  • Your agents are delivering poor customer service.
  • Your agent’s aren’t happy.

These all sound familiar, right? Your agents are the life blood of the contact center, so when things aren’t going so well it’s easy to blame them for it. If an agent is failing to make their call quota, you are losing money every time you hand them a paycheck.

So how do we make agents place more calls? How do we make them work harder? If you run a contact center, you know that these are difficult and complicated questions to answer. And I did promise an easy way to save thousands for your contact center.

So here is the easy way to save thousands for your contact center.

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How to Make Your Call Center Agents Listen

If you run a contact center, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money training your agents on what to say. But have you spent any time training them on how to listen?

Communication is a two-way street. Communication goes from one person to the other, is received, understood, and then the other person replies based on what they understood. When this isn’t being done it can create misunderstanding, and in bad cases it can make people upset. In environments where it’s the person’s job to talk, they have to listen just as well.

Think of a time where you were talking with someone and they pulled out their phone and started checking email, or texting, while you were talking with them? How did that make you feel? Did you feel like the person on the other end of the conversation even cared about what you were saying? Listening skills are more important than just sitting there and staring at someone. Someone who really actually listens does a few things differently.

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How You Can Make Your Call Center More Agile

Hopefully you’re here because you are looking for a way to better optimize your call center, so your customers have a better experience, and your agents have a better environment to work in. Maybe you’ve heard about Agile and you’re curious about how you can use its principles to make your call center more customer centric?

Wait a minute. Let’s back up. What the heck is Agile?

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Robots Have Already Taken Over Call Centers. Here’s How.

For several decades now, humanity has feared the impending robot revolution. From HAL 9000 to Terminator, there are countless manifestations of artificial intelligence coldly calculating our demise. While these fictional characters are fun to think about, the reality is that robots have already begun a revolution.

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How To Reduce Idle Time In Your Contact Center

Idle time is arguably the worst thing that a company can experience. That’s because there is technically nothing you can do about it. Unlike many operational issues, idle time is not the result of unmotivated employees or poor company policies. In fact, its official definition is “…unproductive time on the part of employees as a result of factors beyond their control.”

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The True Cost of Outsourcing Call Centers

There are training centers the size of a university campus in India dedicated to teaching prospective call center workers how to be American. Courses in “American culture” cost up to a thousand dollars and last several weeks. Like boot camp, these call center training courses comprise mostly of intense drilling designed to stamp out any residue of Indian culture, accent, and mannerisms. They also have to undergo endurance training – if they are hired, they will likely be working on American time, meaning they will wake when their Indian family and friends go to sleep each night, and pass out as the sun rises.

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