Inbound Call Center

inbound call center

Your Inbound Call Center

AireContact is built with advanced inbound routing technology that increases productivity and customer satisfaction. Just by making a few clicks on an intuitive interface, managers can adjust parameters such as individual agent call volume and what types of calls specific agents can handle. To increase the efficiency of inbound call traffic, AireContact utilizes advanced interactive voice response (IVR) technology and an automatic call distributor (ACD). On the agent end, AireContact’s easy to use softphone contains everything needed to take calls, review and record customer information, and utilize omni-channel features such as texting and email—all from a single interface.

AireContact Cloud Dialer

How it works:

For each number dialed, AireContact creates an IVR flow that presents your customers with an auto attendant menu, collects the customer’s data and selections, announces prompts using prerecorded audio files, and provides information using the Text-to-Speech functionality for self-service purposes.

The collected data and caller ID are used to enrich the customer interaction experience, along with additional data originating from external sources of information such as CRM systems. This enables AireContact to deliver a better experience since they have a more accurate profile of the customer (e.g. customer grade or preferred language) and to accurately route the active call to the best available agent.

Agents can be arranged in teams, with individual profiles and skills, and assigned to one or more queue. When an inbound call is assigned to a specific queue, the system will try to match it with the best agent using several routing strategies, such as idle time, relevant skills, and more.

While in queue, the caller will be notified with his or her place in queue and the estimated waiting time. Personalized messages can also be announced to customers based on data from their profile, or they can simply request a call back.


  • Supports multi-channel communication so that your customers can contact you via phone, email, web chat, SMS text, web-callback, social feed, or fax.
  • Enables the choice between automatic call handling or skilled based call assignment.
  • Provides supervisors with a true real time view of the overall call center and individual agent performance matrix.
  • Supervisors can use our Supervisor Center, a true real time monitoring tool, to manage agents’ performance, view waiting and abandoned calls, assign callbacks to agents and teams, and view at a glance the most important KPIs as they get updated with no delay.
  • Lets you modify on-the-fly your call center parameters such as working hours, assigned agents, bursting announcements, and much more.
  • Fully customized within 48 hours.
  • Your agents can work from anywhere with our Agent Module, an hosted agent application with an built in softphone.
  • Requires no capex investment; all your agents need is a computer with an Internet connection and a headset.