Multi-Channel Communication Features

multichannelAireContact is a multi-channel communications call center platform. Customers can communicate with contact center agents using their preferred channel such as voice, text, chat, email, or social media. The system keeps track of all interactions made in every channel and presents a summary of customer interactions across all channels used.  The following channels are supported:

Voice Inbound and Outbound – Calls are routed to agents using VoIP, so an agent can be located anywhere. Inbound calls are routed to agents directly or via an IVR flow. Agents use a simple our intuitive Agent Console to accept and handle calls. Outbound calls are initiated using the address book or simply dialing a number.

Automatic Outbound – AireContact delivers a full set of automatic outbound functions to enable businesses to setup their outbound operations quickly and begin their sales and marketing activities, lead management, accounting and collection processing, fund raising, customer surveys, and more. The system includes both software and telephony so that AireContact can be activated immediately using our softphone. Outbound calls are generated for agents by predictive, power, or preview dialing modes in order to reduce dialing time.

Web Chat – Using AireContacts web chat feature customers can chat with agents by simply clicking a link we generate for you to place on your website. The chat page is hosted on AireContact’s servers and agents use our Agent Console to handle incoming chats.

Email – AireContact connects to the business mail server (IMAP and SMTP servers) or to any compliant third party mail service provider, such as Gmail or Incoming emails are fetched from one or several mail accounts, queued, and routed to agents to be handled. Agents can reply to inbound emails, forward them to additional recipients, or even create a new email.

Fax as Email – Inbound faxes are collected and attached to emails, which are then handled in the same manner as other incoming emails. AireContact can read all fax attachment file types, such as PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, etc.

Voice Mail – When a customer chooses to leave a voicemail, voice messages can be queued to be handled by an available agent for a certain queue or they can be assigned to a specific agent in cases where that agent is already working with a particular customer. Voice messages are sent as emails with a voice file attachment to a single agent or team email address or multiple recipients at once.

Web Callback (Click2Call) – AireContact generates a web callback link for each new customer to be embedded on your web site. Customers can leave their number, name, and request for a specific department. Web callback requests are queued and assigned to agents. Callback requests can be configured with a lower priority than live calls, so that agents will handle them only when they are idle.

Social Feeds – AireContact provides smart components that create enable you to communicate with your customer via Social Media, while capturing web clicks and social feeds and handling them ad-hoc using automatic flows. A rule based flow engine can be used to filter feeds according to keywords and route only feeds that meet the designated criteria to be handled by agents.

SMS – AireContact enables sending SMS text messages to your customers using a MAIL2SMS service. Simply type out the message you want to send and AireContact will deliver it to your customer’s mobile device.

Multi-Channel Phone Book – The Agent Console desktop application includes an agent phone book, which lists contacts and customers with contact information for multiple channels of communication (office, cell, home phone, email address, fax number, etc.).