Cloud Dialer – Dialer Types

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Cloud DialerAireContact Cloud Dialer

AireContact is built with sophisticated outbound dialing technology designed to increase productivity and enhance the customer experience. With AireContact, it’s easy for managers to create,deploy, and monitor multiple outbound calling campaigns just by dragging and dropping custom parameters. Once campaigns are launched, AireContact uses predictive dialing, power dialing, and progressive dialing modes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of outbound call traffic. For agents, AireContact’s easy to use softphone contains everything needed to makecalls, review and record customer information, and utilize omni-channel features such as texting and email—all on a single interface.



AireContact offers a variety of dialers for different purposes:

customer servicePower Dialer (new) – With our power dialer, your agents can make more calls, in less time. Since agents are not wasting time manually dialing out and looking up customer information before each call, more time is spent connecting to live prospects. Moving efficiently from call to call, your agents will experience improved contact and conversion rates and greater sales.



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Progressive Dialer
– With a preview dialer, your agents are able to have more personalized customer interactions. Since they can preview customer information before dialing out, they are able to prepare for each call. Customers enjoy receiving calls from agents that talk to them in a familiar way. And managers will enjoy a more satisfied client base.



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Predictive Dialer
– AireContact’s predictive dialer is made for high volume contact centers where efficiency and speed are most important. It increases the productivity of the contact center in two ways. First, it uses an algorithm to learn how many calls your contact center can handle, and how often. With this information, it can predict agent call length so that when your agents finish a call, there is another call waiting. Second, it screens every call before handing it off to the agent, filtering out unreachable destinations such as answering machines, voice mails, faxes, or wrong numbers. Since only genuine opportunities are transferred in, supervisors can ensure that call time is spent exclusively with live customers.


airecontact, cloud dialer, dialer types


AireContact includes advanced features that enhance outbound dialing operation with the ability to balance between business goals and workforce efficiency:

  • Import calling list files (Excel or CSV)
  • Run multiple campaigns
  • Caller ID per campaign
  • Assign campaigns to teams of agents
  • Real time monitoring of active campaigns
  • Real time campaign management console
  • Agent performance reports
  • Quality monitoring
  • Campaign scheduling with exceptions
  • Blended queue and prioritized calls
  • Prioritize between simultaneous campaigns
  • Automatically record ending status: Answering machine, no answer, busy, etc.
  • Reschedule calls
  • Dynamic IVR Dialer based on calling list data
  • Pop up links based on calling list data
  • DNC compliance
  • Call recording
  • Support for remote agents