Agent Application

Cloud Dialer is simplyTALK

simplyTALK allows call center and remote or home based agents to communicate with your customers and prospects via voice calls, SMS text, email, chat, fax, and social feeds. The application is designed as a slim bar and serves as the ultimate agent multi-tasking tool, enabling agents to handle multiple interactions simultaneously. simplyTALK helps boosts agents’ efficiency and productivity while maintaining a high level of service.

The application includes a built-in softphone, so there’s no need for any other telephony equipment on the agent’s desk (other than a headset). Additional functionality includes conferencing, call transfer, hold, mute, and call recording. simplyTALK’s slick and slim design enables agents to easily operate additional business applications side by side with minimal switching time between applications. Links to popups from third party applications, such as a CRM, can be configured easily to enable fast data communications with other client software solutions.

The simplyTALK Appbar allows contact center representatives to:

  • Respond to incoming voice calls, chat requests, SMS text, email messages, social feeds, and faxes.
  • Place calls and initiate internal chat sessions.
  • Receive calls delivered by our automated dialers.
  • Consult while placing a call on hold, transfer interactions, and perform conference calls and chats by inviting other parties such as supervisors, other agents, and external parties to join the call.
  • Record on demand voice calls.