Telephony Features

telephony-features-1Some of the features included in Cloud Dialer


VoIP – The agent desktop application includes an embedded SIP VoIP softphone, which enables making and receiving calls over the internet using just a Windows PC (or laptop) with a USB headset.

Regular and Toll-Free numbers – AireContact is an end-to-end service including software and telephony. Calls are generated via our high quality VoIP carriers and each customer is assigned U.S. local area DIDs and toll-free numbers. AireContact serves all 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. International DIDs are available for most countries.

telephony-features-2Dynamic outbound caller ID – Outbound calls are generated with any DID or Toll-Free number showing as the caller ID on the receiving party phone. A different number can be assigned to each outbound campaign dynamically.

Change terminal to PSTN extension – Agents can assign their PSTN extension (home phone, desk phone, or cell phone) as their voice terminal instead of the embedded VoIP softphone.

Blind transfer – Agents can transfer calls to other agents, to a supervisor, or to an external number.


Attended transfer – Calls are transferred in two stages, allowing an agent to verify that the receiving party is available before transferring the call.

Conference call – An agent or supervisor can create a conference call while adding or removing parties from the bridge.

– Agents can place calls on hold. While on hold, customers will hear music.

Mute – Agents can mute their line while on a call.

Ad-hoc call recording – Agents can decide to record a call at any moment. This adds to the full recording capability of the system.


Touch tone pad – Agents can navigate through IVR menus and self-service setups using an embedded touch tone pad (DTMF).

Play file – Agents can play a pre-recorded wav file to the customer while on a call.

Click to call – Click on a phone number in any other application (e.g. Outlook contacts, Gmail, Word, Excel, CRM, etc.) and the system will dial it automatically.