Social Media Customer Care

Is your contact center compatible with social media?

AireContact Social Media


Social media is increasingly becoming the main point of contact for customer service questions, so it makes sense that all the components of your business’ customer support should be connected together to give a seamless experience for each customer interaction.

AireContact does just that: it is the only hosted call center solution that is capable of blending any form of interaction (inbound, outbound, Twitter, Facebook, email, web chat, web call back, fax) and routing the interaction to the most skilled agent utilizing queues, priorities, and smart routing strategies. Gone are the days when your social media was merely handled by your marketing department; with AireContact you can assure that every online interaction initiated by your customer is handled just as if that customer had picked up the phone and called your support line. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, provide your customers with an instant and consistent experience by making your call center social media

Give your customers the ability to talk with you through your website with the following features:

Social Feeds – This component will capture all of a customer’s feeds in social applications (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and route them to the most skilled agent to reply to the posted feed. Usually customers will inquire about products and services or post a complaint. These feeds now can be addressed and handled in a fast and proactive manner using AireContacts social feeds capture.

Web Chat – By placing a link on your web page you enable customers to chat with you instantly. The customer initially interacts with an auto attendant menu to collect data on what they need and then it intelligently assigns them to the most skilled available agent.

Click2Call – Embed a click to call URL on your contact information web page to enable customers to request an instant callback with a call center representative. The request will be queued and set with priority according to the customer’s profile, and then assigned to the most skilled agent according to availability. The agent will interact with the customer while viewing the customer’s information on his or her screen and accessing the collected customer web browsing data. Note that AireContact will host the click to call application for your web site; only a click to call button should be embedded.

Click4Service – A set of Click2Serve buttons can be placed in strategic locations on a business’ web site. For example, in the stages of a web purchase, buttons could be placed on billing and payments pages, product information pages, customer service, technical support, etc. Each button represents a specific customer need (e.g. product interest, payment process issue, support request, etc.). These  are collected by AireContact and passed to the assigned call center representative so that the customer’s specific need will be addressed using the most accurate information.

Click2Service includes an auto attendant chat session that can guide the customer through a series of chat responses, menus, and selections, while providing answers to frequently asked questions. At any time, the customer can choose to be connected with a human agent to continue the session.

For each button, Click2Service uses the most effective channel of communication from the following list:

  • An online web chat session
  • An instant callback to the customer’s phone
  • An email reply to the customer’s email address
  • A social application reply feed posted on the customer’s page