Call Center Supervisor Center

The supervision features are handled in the simplyWISE application, which serves as an all-in-one tool for both monitoring and supervision activities. The supervisor can take action while reviewing the current call center performance. The following supervision activities are supported:

Quality monitoring – Supervisors can perform quality assurance monitoring on their supervised agents; they can listen to agents, whisper to the agent only, or intervene by joining the call. The same commands apply to other channels of communication, so live chat or email handling can be watched from the supervisor station during listen mode.

Call recording – AireContact enables full or partial recording for selected agents. Managers can use the simplyMANAGE application to mark an agent to always be recorded; this will record and archive all agent’s voice calls on AireContact servers.

To comply with PCI security standards, agents can stop the recording while customers are providing credit card or other payment information.

Supervisors can also select agents to be recorded using simplyWISE. This method is used for ad-hoc recording, usually during QA or training periods, and supervisors can rate each call recording and write a comment for feedback purposes.

Archived recordings play/download – Supervisors can search for previous recordings and play or download them using simplyWISE.

View current interactions – Supervisors can view in real time the current interactions being handled. Each interaction is displayed with its main parameters, such as handling agent, customer identification, interaction type, current handling time, and more. Interactions can be viewed from both the agent perspective and the queue perspective.

Abandoned Interactions (Intercept & Capture) – A real-time interception mechanism automatically delegates each abandoned interaction to the supervisor in charge. Relevant data regarding the abandoned interaction is shown, including waiting time and available and busy agents during the abandonment. The abandoned interactions are presented to the supervisor for further handling.

Callback scheduling and handling – Supervisors can define a weekly schedule for callback handling. They can also start and stop callback processing ad-hoc. Callbacks to be processed in each queue can be viewed and sent to the queue for immediate processing as an assignment to a team or to a specific agent.

Handle Delegated Interactions (Tasks) – Supervisors access all delegated interactions, either by agents (for escalation or follow up task) or by the system (during abandonment), via simplyWISE. For each delegated interaction, supervisors can decide to call the customer, schedule a callback, or purge it.