Call Center Management Application

simply-managesimplyManage contains a set of web activated applications that enable supervisors and managers to perform adjustments to call center operations in an easy and straightforward manner without the need for IT support.

Call center managers often need to change the configured work flows due to external events. For example, an agent might be out due to sickness and needs to be temporarily removed from the ACD or particular circumstances require changing the opening greeting announcement or routing all incoming calls differently.

The following commands can be changed utilizing simplyManage:

  • Operational hours – modify the working hours, off hours, and special days such as holidays and vacations.
  • Agent management – create an account for new agents, assign agents to queues, modify agent skill sets, and set multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Change announcements – upload new announcements to current IVR flows.
  • Activate special IVR flows – managers can activate a special IVR flow instantly to handle calls during crisis situations; for example, forwarding all inbound calls to an external number.
  • Monitoring alerts – changing the thresholds for warnings and alerts as they are shown on the agent monitor, supervisor console (simplyWISE), and the wallboard (simplyVIEW).
  • Address book – add or remove contacts from the address book used by each of the agents.
  • Disposition codes – add or modify disposition codes and assign them to business processes.