Detailed contact center activity reports made simple

simplyREPORT is a reporting application that covers every aspect of call center operations, including agent performance, ACD performance, campaign performance, shift management, and auditing. The reports deliver a 360 degree view of call center performance and metrics over time and serve as a complementary tool for the real time monitoring provided by simplyWISE. AireContact provides contact center supervisors and managers with a comprehensive reporting tool, which offers detailed data that can be used to analyze contact center performance. The data is accumulated, grouped, and filtered according to customizable parameters. Detailed reports include the ability to drill down into the data for any time segment and present information like average waiting time and total abandoned calls during a specific timeframe. Agent performance reports measure every interaction an agent has handled and include the relevant KPIs like handling time, wrap up time, break time, consult time, etc. Auditing reports include detailed voice billing reports and the ability to trace down every number and view all the past calls to a number. Agent productivity and behavior during the shift is tracked by category, such as break time, idle time, working time, back office activities, etc. simplyREPORT provides users with the ability to create graphically enhanced reports in formats such as HTML, Excel, PDF, Web, TIF and more.