Supervision Tool


A real-time supervision tool for contact center performance monitoring and control

simplyWISE is an all-in-one tool for supervisors and managers. Supervisors can view in real time their departments, ACDs, and agents. They can set thresholds and alerts and be notified using colored data highlights. Furthermore, they can drill down to view data for each agent and ACD and monitor all activities.

simplyWISE provides supervisors with actionable insight into current contact center activity with an intuitive dashboard view. It also enables supervisors to improve business process performance and productivity by facilitating quality assurance monitoring. This application is a valuable tool for the proactive management of customer demand and agent availability.




Use simplyWISE to: 

  • Manage agent activity under a specific ACD.
  • Manage and monitor the ACD (performance, alerts, etc.).
  • Monitor agent activity in terms of performance and status.
  • Record, listen, coach, and intervene on current agent interactions.
  • Create, execute, and perform call center campaigns.
  • Handle abandoned interactions within seconds.
  • Listen to and download call recordings.